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Mar 25 2022
Arbitration is a term you’ll often see in the news or media releases regarding activities between unions and employers.
Mar 10 2022
It is time for GNWT Locals to engage directly with their members to collect suggestions for bargaining proposals, prioritize proposals, and hear from members on what is important to them. Previously…
Mar 08 2022
Bargaining is one of labour’s strongest opportunities to challenge inequality and create lasting change in our workplaces that promote equity and benefit all workers.
Mar 04 2022
The UNW sends our deepest condolences to the family, friends, and neighbours of the community member who passed away in Fort Smith.
Mar 02 2022
The Collective Agreement between the Union of Northern Workers and the GNWT allows us to negotiate the terms of a Labour Market Supplement to address recruitment and retention problems resulting fr
Feb 28 2022
The recent announcements about the lifting of covid-related restrictions are welcome news for many Northerners.
Feb 14 2022
The UNW is seeking two positions to join our team at HQ in Yellowknife. Service Administrative Assistant
Feb 13 2022
In light of the recent Covid-19 outbreak at Stanton, the Union of Northern Workers is increasingly concerned about the wellbeing of our healthcare members.
Feb 10 2022
While the UNW always supports Canadians’ rights to peacefully protest, we stand in solidarity with other unions across Canada in condemning the activities of the truck convoy protests and call on a
Feb 04 2022
On February 4, provincial and territorial premiers are gathering virtually for a Council of the Federation meeting.
Jan 28 2022
With nationwide nursing shortages being a front and centre issue well before the Covid-19 pandemic, and employee morale issues being brought forward for years, the GNWT should have been on top of t
Dec 31 2021
To: All NTPC Members – Locals 16, 19, and 22 Re: Bargaining Update #2 Your Bargaining Team has now met twice with the Employer to negotiate a new Collective Agreement with Northwest Territories…
Dec 01 2021
On the first day of Christmas, my employer gave to me… five mandatory days off with no pay at the most expensive time of the year.
Nov 25 2021
The UNW has been hearing about issues stemming from lack of healthcare staff since before the Covid-19 pandemic.
Nov 24 2021
The UNW and NTPC held preliminary virtual bargaining meetings on November 2nd and 3rd where bargaining proposals were exchanged. In-person negotiations are scheduled from November 30th to December…