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List of UNW Locals

The Union of Northern Workers is made up of 28 Locals. Members have direct access to the Union's decision making process through their Local. Each Local has an elected volunteer executive.

Members are assigned to a Local according to the bargaining unit to which they belong, or the Department and Community where they work. The Locals are distributed across the seven UNW Regions:

  • Beaufort Delta-Sahtu - Locals 3, 19, 29, and 39
  • Deh Cho - Locals 13 and 31
  • Fort Smith - Locals 2 and 12
  • Hay River - Locals 6, 21, and 22
  • Kimberlite - Locals 36 and 3050
  • North Great Slave - Locals 9, 10, 11, 25, 345, and 38
  • Somba K'e - Locals 1, 16, 28, 30, 32, 33, 40, and 41

Use the chart below to identify which Local or Region your workplace belongs to.

Information about each Local is listed below the chart.

UNW Organizational chart

Local 01 - Somba K’e Region

Local 1 members include all GNWT bargaining unit employees in Yellowknife in the departments of Finance, Executive & Indigenous Affairs, BDIC, and Municipal & Community Affairs. 


President: Mark Meulenbroek
Vice President: Morgan Pierrot
Treasurer: Annetta Beaulieu 
Secretary: Vacant 
Chief Shop Steward: Renfred Besarra
Shop Stewards: Carol Moore, William Thompson, Olivia Lee, Diana Bennett

Regional Vice President for Somba K'e Region: Randy Thompson

Local 02 - Fort Smith Region

Local 2 includes all GNWT employees residing in Fort Smith or Łutselk'e including non-teacher employees of the South Slave Divisional Board of Education, but not employees of the Thebacha Campus of Aurora College (see Local 32).

This Local also includes employees of Uncle Gabe's Friendship Centre, the Town of Fort Smith, and the Fort Smith Housing Authority.


President: Barbara Brake
1st Vice President: Cee Bradbury 
Secretary: Katie Reid
Treasurer: Cindy Bye
Chief Shop Steward: Nicole Nixon
Shop Stewards: vacant

Regional Executive Vice President for Fort Smith Region:  Lauraine Armstrong

Local 03 - Beaufort Delta-Sahtu Region

Local 3 includes:

  • all GNWT employees (including NTHSSA) in Inuvik, Aklavik, Fort McPherson, Paulatuk, Sachs Harbour, Tsiigehtchic, Ulukhaktok, and Tuktoyaktuk;
  • employees of the Aklavik Housing Association, Fort McPherson Housing Association, Inuvik Housing Authority, and Tuktoyaktuk Housing Association;
  • non-teacher employees of the Beaufort Delta Education Council; and
  • marine workers at the Tsiigehtchic and 8 Mile Ferry Crossings

Local 3 does not include Aurora College Aurora Campus employees (see Local 29)


President – Valerie Salmon-Laylor
Vice-President – vacant 
Secretary/Treasurer – Kyle Little (Deputy: Nishaalini Ramalingam)
Chief Shop Steward: Patty Martinez
Shop Stewards: Stephanie Hamilton, Crystal Lennie, Beverly Ross, Kenzie MacDonald

Beaufort Delta - Sahtu Regional Vice President: Maria Amestoy

Local 06 - Hay River Region

This Local includes all GNWT employees who live in Enterprise, Fort Resolution (except NTHSSA) or Hay River. 

Also included are employees of the Town of Hay River, Hay River Housing Authority, Evergreen Forestry Management, the Hamlet of Fort Resolution, and all non-teacher School Board employees in Hay River, Enterprise, Fort Resolution, Łutselk'e, and K’atl’odeeche First Nation.


President: Janine Hoff
1st Vice President: Jacqueline Carriere
Secretary/Treasurer: Ryan Carroll
Chief Shop Steward: Nicolinea Minakis
Shop Stewards: Curtis Gill, Jeff Groenewegen, Janine Hoff

Hay River Region Regional Vice President: Jeff Groenewegen

Local 09 - North Great Slave Region

This Local includes GNWT employees in Yellowknife who work for the Department of Justice, including those working at NSCC and Corrections. 


President: Anthony Spirito
First Vice President: Nineta Carp
Treasurer: Angela Chandler
Secretary: Natasha Jordan
Chief Shop Steward: Phil Von Allmen

Shop Stewards: Darin Black, Rick Drover, Wesley Jones, Bridget O'Keefe, Damien Ramm, Brian Eckersley

OHSC: Robin Both, Angela Chandler, Anthony Spirito

JCC: Sean Purcell, Anthony Spirito

North Great Slave Regional Vice President: Todd Parsons

Local 10 - North Great Slave Region

This Local represents GNWT employees who work for the Department of Infrastructure in Yellowknife.


President: Jacques Roberge
Vice President: Benjamin Israel
Secretary: Andrea Korpel
Treasurer: Kayla Gould
Chief Shop Steward: Vacant

North Great Slave Regional Vice President: Todd Parsons

Local 11 - North Great Slave Region

This Local represents GNWT employees at Stanton Hospital.


President: Christian Norwick
Vice President: Andrew Gregory
Secretary: Tamara Holliday
Treasurer: Tad Duquette
Chief Shop Steward: Andrea Cormier

Shop Stewards: Katie Aikens, Bernard Bennett, Sylvia Grant, Samantha Halweg, Drenna Mernickle, Kimberly Roberts, Maher Tabbaa, Keith Stuckless, Nicole Tews

North Great Slave Regional Vice President: Todd Parsons

Local 12 - Fort Smith Region

Local 12 members are employees working at Aurora College's Thebacha Campus in Fort Smith.

Thebacha Campus employees who work outside of Fort Smith are not members of Local 12.  


President: Cherie Stewart
First Vice President: Leah Desjarlais
Secretary: Tonya Hoddinott
Treasurer: Loren Coutts
Chief Shop Steward: Dan Brown
Membership Officer: John Morrison
Booster Officer: vacant
OHS Co-Chair: Bernie Minute
Health and Safety Officer:

Shop Steward: John Morrison

Fort Smith Regional Vice President: Lauraine Armstrong  

Local 13 - Deh Cho Region

Local 13 represents all GNWT and NTHSSA employees in Fort Simpson, Fort Liard, Jean Marie River, Nahanni Butte, Wrigley and Sambaa K'e.

It also includes employees of the Fort Simpson Housing Authority, the Village of Fort Simpson, and all non-teacher employees of the Deh Cho Divisional Education Council.


President: Brandon Buggins 
Vice President: Troy Bellefontaine
Secretary/Treasurer: vacant
Chief Shop Steward: Dawn Bell
Shop Stewards: Carl Gaule, Valrie Boswell

Deh Cho Regional Vice President: Please contact Melvin Larocque, UNW 1st Vice President, if you need to speak with your RVP. For more information about RVP elections, visit our UNW Executive page.

Local 16 - Somba K'e Region

Local 16 represents all Northwest Territories Power Corporation employees in Yellowknife and Fort Smith.


President: Bryan Brazeau
First Vice President: Russell Brown
Second Vice President: Andrew Brown
Treasurer: Darren Hazenberg
Secretary: vacant
Chief Shop Steward: Mervin Penney
Shop Stewards: Russell Brown, Mervin Penney

Joint Occupational Health & Safety - Hydro Committee Members: 
Co-chairs: Bryan Brazeau and Stuart Robinson
Member Reps: Trevor Wetmore, Jason Jonassen, Andrew Brown, Darren Hazenberg

Regional Vice President for Somba K'e Region: Randy Thompson

Local 19 - Beaufort Delta-Sahtu Region

Local 19 members are employees of the Northwest Territories Power Corporation who live in the Beaufort Delta, Sahtu, and Deh Cho Regions.


President: Jacob Pokiak
First Vice President: Christopher Daw
Second Vice President: Daniel Allen
Secretary-Treasurer: Logan Bullock
Chief Shop Steward: Roman Bocharov
Shop Steward: Lawrence Neyando, Peter Voudrach

Beaufort Delta-Sahtu Regional Vice President:  Maria Amestoy

Local 21 - Hay River Region

Local 21 represents the employees of the Hay River Health and Social Services Authority.  


President: Craig Maguire
First Vice President: Linda Carman
Secretary: Michele Stephens
Treasurer: Roxie Small
Chief Shop Steward: Leslie Bouchard
Shop Stewards: Robyn Paisley, Leslie Bouchard, Linda Carman, Cassandra English, Fairen Lavoilette, 
JOH&S Committee: Roxie Small, Donna Lakusta
Health and Safety Officer: Rob Paisley

Hay River Regional Vice President: Jeff Groenewegen

Local 22 - Hay River Region

Local 22 represents Northwest Territories Power Corporation employees in Hay River.  


President: Greg Goodie
1st Vice President: VACANT
Secretary: Jaimee Tennant
Treasurer: Jen Coleman
Chief Shop Steward: VACANT
JOH & Safety Committee Members: Allan Cunningham, Matt Lakusta

Hay River Regional Vice President: Jeff Groenewegen

Local 25 - North Great Slave Region

Local 25 represents the employees of Avens - A Community for Seniors, which operates Aven Manor and Aven Cottages in Yellowknife. 


President: Alma Jaboneta
1st Vice President: Laurence Wilson
Secretary: Aldrin Nuval
Treasurer: Melanya Grigoryan
Chief Shop Steward: Carrie Vega
Shop Steward: Jessica Ewing

North Great Slave Regional Vice President: Todd Parsons

Collective Agreements

Local 28 - Somba K'e Region

Local 28 represents the employees of the Workers Safety and Compensation Commission, throughout the NWT and Nunavut. 


** If you need to reach someone at your Local Executive level, please contact Melvin Larocque, UNW 1st Vice President. **

President: Matthew Clark
First Vice President: Ted Schabell
Secretary/Treasurer: Kylie Stubbert
Chief Shop Steward: Natasha Bhogal
Shop Steward (Nunavut): Simon Okurut
Shop Steward (Yellowknife/Inuvik): vacant

Regional Vice President Somba K'e: Randy Thompson

Local 29 - Beaufort Delta-Sahtu Region

Local 29 includes all members working for the Aurora Campus of Aurora College in all communities within the Beaufort Delta and Sahtu regions.


President: David Bob 
First Vice President: Greta Sittichinli
Treasurer: Malcolm Gorrill
Secretary: Celina Jerome
Chief Shop Steward: Roberta Cardinal
OHS Officer: Dylan Carrie

Shop Stewards: David Kaufman, Katie MacRae

Beaufort Delta-Sahtu Regional Vice President: Maria Amestoy

Local 30 - Somba K'e Region

Local 30 represents all non-teaching staff at the Yellowknife Catholic School Board.  


President: Nicole Hamm
Vice President: Jessica Coulombe
Secretary: Vacant
Treasurer: Kim Archer
Chief Shop Steward: Jane Mooney

Regional Vice President for Somba K'e Region: Randy Thompson

Local 31 - Deh Cho Region

Local 31 includes all GNWT employees living in Fort Providence, as well as employees of the Hamlet of Fort Providence and Fort Providence Housing Authority.


President: Alayna Krutko
Vice President: Ivan Landry
Secretary: Melody Rasmussen
Treasurer: Jackie Hope
Chief Shop Steward: Rosemary Bonnetrouge

Deh Cho Regional Vice President: Please contact Melvin Larocque, UNW 1st Vice President, if you need to speak with your RVP. 

Local 32 - Somba K'e Region

Local 32 includes all members working for the Yellowknife Campus of Aurora College, regardless of where they live.


President: Jabin Carrasco
1st Vice President: Kim Lemky 
Treasurer: Clare Ramirez
Secretary:  Lou Rankin 
Chief Shop Steward:  Joanne Erasmus
Shop Stewards: Layla Charlo, Joanne Erasmus 

Regional Vice President for Somba K'e Region: Randy Thompson

Local 33 - Somba K'e Region

Local 33 includes all GNWT employees who work for HSS and NTHSSA in Yellowknife, Fort Resolution and Łutselk'e. 

It also represents employees of the Salvation Army in Yellowknife.  


President: Kelly Bollong-Fredericks
Vice President: Bonnie Henderson
Treasurer: Heather Skulason
Secretary: Nora Doig
Chief Shop Steward: Horatio Sam-Aggrey
Joint Occupations Health and Safety Committees: Salvation Army - Paul Matwiy; GNWT - Erin Currie

Shop Stewards: Kelly Bollong-Fredericks, Bonnie Henderson, Richard Henderson, Paul Matwiy, Lisa Quinlan, Krista Smith, Sean Whitcomb

Regional Vice President for Somba K'e Region: Randy Thompson

Local 36 - Kimberlite Region

Local 36 represents Nuna Contracting Ltd. employees.

Kimberlite Regional Vice President: Michael Critch

Collective Agreements

Local 38 - North Great Slave Region

Local 38 represents employees of Behchokǫ̀ Kǫ̀ Gah Kàodèe, as well as GNWT employees (including THSSA) in Behchokǫ̀, Gamètì, Whatì, and Wekweètì. 


President: Doreen Lafferty-Zoe 
1st Vice President: Sandra Bishop
Secretary: Amber Simpson 
Treasurer: Mary-Jane Wedzin
Chief Shop Steward: Robert McCallum
Shop Stewards: Cory Weyallon, Amber Simpson, Sandra Bishop

North Great Slave Regional Vice President: Todd Parsons

Local 39 - Beaufort Delta-Sahtu Region

Local 39 represents all GNWT employees in all Sahtu communities, as well as employees of the Délįne Housing Association and non-teacher employees of the Sahtu Divisional Education Council.


President: Shannon Caidler
1st Vice-president: William Pratt
Treasurer: Rosemary Emenim
Secretary: Carol Lorentz
Chief Shop Steward: Suzanne Hall
Shop Stewards: Rosemary Emenim, Suzanne Hall, Patricia Manuel

Beaufort Delta-Sahtu Regional Vice President: Maria Amestoy

Local 40 - Somba K'e Region

Local 40 represents GNWT employees at ENR, Lands and ITI in Yellowknife. 


President: Jonathan Gillingham
Vice President: Andrew Speakman
Secretary-Treasurer: Tasha Olekshy
Chief Shop Steward: Rob Gau
Shop Stewards: Rob Gau, Patricia Lacroix

Regional Vice President for Somba K'e: Randy Thompson

Local 41 - Somba K'e Region

Local 41 represents GNWT employees with the Yellowknife/NWT Housing Corporation and ECE in Yellowknife, as well as non-teacher employees at the Commission scolaire francophone. 


President: Aria Lowther
1st Vice President: Jocelyn MacLean
Secretary-Treasurer: Susan Dauphinais
Chief Shop Steward: Louise Cumming
Shop Stewards: Louise Cumming, Aria Lowther, Robin Weber

Somba K'e Regional Vice President: Randy Thompson

Local 345 - North Great Slave Region

Local 345 includes all employees of the City of Yellowknife, including the City of Yellowknife Municipal Enforcement Division.    


President: Bassel Sleem
Vice President: Geraldine Penney
Treasurer: Victoria Page
Secretary: Thomas Gagnon-Van Leeuwen 
Chief Shop Steward: Jose Ahmed
Shop Stewards: Geraldine Penney, and Bob Taylor 

North Great Slave Regional Vice President: Todd Parsons

Local 3050 - Kimberlite Region

Local 3050 includes all employees of Burgundy Diamond Mines at the Ekati and Misery Mines.   


President: Johnny McKinney
First Vice President: Greg Whitnack
Equity Vice President: Matthew Savey Leblanc
Secretary-Treasurer: Christina McAdam
Chief Shop Steward: Dennis Fleming

Kimberlite Regional Vice President: Mike Critch