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Bargaining Updates

Avens Bargaining Update #4

May 15 2023
The Union and the Employer met with a mediator last week to mediate some complaints that had been filed with the labour board by the employer. In doing so, we also tried to come to a new tentative…

Avens Bargaining Update #3

Apr 25 2023
On April 22nd the union held a strike vote for members who work at Avens, a Centre for Seniors. The ballots were counted on Monday and the members have provided a strong strike mandate. We are not …

Avens Bargaining Update #2

Apr 21 2023
Your bargaining team and employer met on April 5-6 for conciliation. Conciliation is a step in the bargaining process that brings the employer and union bargaining teams together with the help of a…

NTPC - Call for Bargaining Input

Apr 17 2023
Attention All NTPC Members! Your contract with NTPC expired on December 31, 2022. To prepare for contract negotiations with the employer, Locals with NTPC employees are given an opportunity to…

Avens Bargaining Update #1

Mar 28 2023
March 28, 2023 TO: ALL UNW/PSAC LOCAL 25 MEMBERS AT AVENS The union and employer will be meeting April 5th and 6th for conciliation.  Conciliation is a step in the bargaining process that brings…

Local 345 Urgent Message

Mar 17 2023
Check your emails ASAP - Very Important Return to Work information!

Town of Fort Smith - Bargaining Update #3

Mar 02 2023
On March 1, members voted to accept the tentative agreement that was reached with the Town of Fort Smith on February 17. The Employer has already ratified the agreement.  Attached is the…

Town of Fort Smith - Bargaining Update #2

Feb 28 2023
A tentative agreement was reached with the Town of Fort Smith on February 17. If ratified, this three-year Collective Agreement would expire December 31, 2025.  Four Ratification Vote Meetings have…

City of Yellowknife Bargaining - Invitation to Mayor and Council

Feb 15 2023
The following letter was sent to Yellowknife Mayor and Council on Wednesday, February 15: February 15, 2023 Yellowknife City Council City of Yellowknife via email – TO…

Town of Fort Smith - Bargaining Update #1

Feb 10 2023
Bargaining to commence February 14th. Our Union bargaining team will be meeting with the Town of Fort Smith Feb 14th through 16th to negotiate a new collective agreement. Bargaining Team members…

City of Yellowknife Bargaining - Letters to City Councilors

Feb 07 2023
The following letters have been sent to City of Yellowknife Councillors from UNW President Gayla Thunstrom, and PSAC North REVP Lorraine Rousseau: Letter to City Councilors - February 7, 2023…

City of Yellowknife Bargaining - Lock-out Notice From Employer

Feb 06 2023
Please see attached Notice of Lockout sent on February 5, 2023 to PSAC North and UNW by the Employer: Re: First Notice of Lockout Pursuant to Section 87.2(2) of the Canada Labour Code This notice…

City of Yellowknife Bargaining - Letter to Mayor and Council & Response

Feb 01 2023
UPDATED: February 6, 2023 Response to the letter posted below:  Response from Mayor Rebecca Alty, February 2, 2023 The following letter to Yellowknife Mayor and Council sent on January 31, 2023…

City of Yellowknife Bargaining Update #3

Jan 26 2023
There is strike training available through both UNW and PSAC beginning January 28, 2023: UNW TRAINING  PSAC TRAINING  Saturday Jan 28 – 9am -1pm Thursday, Jan. 26…

Hay River Housing Bargaining Update #2

Jan 10 2023
Bargaining has been postponed. While our team was prepared to begin negotiations today, weather related travel delays have caused bargaining to be postponed. We were eager to get to the table to…