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Get Involved

There are many ways to become more active in your Union! 

Members in good standing are eligible to be elected to their Local Executive, volunteer to be a Shop Steward, or sit on committees.

A great way to get involved and learn more about your Union is by volunteering to serve on your Local Executive. Most UNW Full Executive positions require experience serving on a Local Executive before you are eligible to run.

While some locals have additional positions, the core Officers of a UNW Local are:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Chief Shop Steward

Our Local Executive Officers brochure describes each Local Executive position and their duties. If you are interested, contact your Local or RVP!

Each Union Local has Shop Stewards, who voluntarily serve their co-workers by informing them of their rights and responsibilities under the Collective Agreement. Shop Stewards help resolve problems, handle grievances, and educate their fellow workers in the policies and activities of the Union.

Stewards are present in many departments and areas of workplaces. You can study your Collective Agreement with the help of your local Steward.  

If you would like to contact your Shop Steward, or are interesting in volunteering as one, you can contact your Local President for more information.

Training Opportunities

Training is available for anyone interested in becoming a Shop Steward. Check out the Training page of our website for course information.

Member Confidentiality

All union officers are bound by an oath of confidentiality according to the Code of Conduct contained in the UNW by-laws.  

In handling grievance files, all stewards are required to deliver case materials for secure storage upon completion of the case.  Documents are securely stored at the UNW office.  No member files are stored in stewards’ offices or homes.

Shop Steward Conference

The UNW Shop Steward Conference is a great opportunity to network with other Shop Stewards in your Union. The Conference includes 2 days of workshops, discussion and collaboration and is open to Shop Stewards who have completed the Shop Steward course. Keep an eye on your email or our events calendar for information about upcoming conferences.

Being a workplace OH&S representative is a challenging and rewarding way to make a meaningful contribution to the health and safety of your workplace. It is also a critical aspect of the strength of the union in the workplace.

OH&S members work with the employer through OH&S Committees to promote awareness of safety issues and develop a collaborative relationship between management and workers to identify and resolve health and safety problems. They also ensure the organization meets occupational health and safety legislation requirements.

OH&S Conferences

The UNW holds annual Occupational Health & Safety Conferences, where we equip our OH&S representatives with strategies and tools to use their rights and effectively communicate with their Employers to achieve timely resolution to health and safety issues in the workplace.

Keep an eye on your email or our events calendar for information about upcoming conferences.

The Union of Northern Workers sees the importance of the value and unique insight that young workers can provide. The Youth Engagement Committee is designed to involve and encourage young workers specifically those under the age of 35, in the union movement and specifically the UNW.

If you are a UNW member under the age of 35, and are interested in assisting with this committee, please contact the UNW 2nd Vice President.