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Apr 12 2023
When the UNW/PSAC members of Local 345 took the brave step of standing up to the City of Yellowknife to demand fair wages, they joined a growing movement of workers across Canada and the world who
Mar 28 2023
March 28, 2023 TO: ALL UNW/PSAC LOCAL 25 MEMBERS AT AVENS The union and employer will be meeting April 5th and 6th for conciliation.  Conciliation is a step in the bargaining process that brings…
Mar 17 2023
News Release: City of Yellowknife Workers Ratify Agreement FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Mar 01 2023
“My Taxes pay your salary!” It’s a common theme you hear in conversations about public sector workers.
Feb 27 2023
YELLOWKNIFE: On Feb 15th, union leaders invited Yellowknife’s Mayor and Council to meet with us and discuss some of the issues our members are experiencing.
Feb 24 2023
YELLOWKNIFE: Just after 4:00pm on Wednesday, February 22, the UNW/PSAC bargaining team received a request from the employer to enter into binding arbitration.
Feb 22 2023
YELLOWKNIFE: It has been over one week since the Employer and the UNW/PSAC bargaining team sat down for another round of mediation to try to resolve the ongoing strike/lockout.
Feb 17 2023
YELLOWKNIFE: The UNW/PSAC is happy to report that the interim injunction limiting the number of picketers at City facilities was amended by the NWT Supreme Court this mornin
Feb 14 2023
YELLOWKNIFE: The UNW/PSAC bargaining team had hoped to reach a deal during mediation yesterday, however, despite providing two more proposals to the City within the last we
Feb 10 2023
UPDATE: The mediation between the UNW/PSAC and City of Yellowknife that was tentatively scheduled for Sunday, February 12 has been postponed to Monday, February 13 due to the medi
Feb 07 2023
YELLOWKNIFE: Mediation between PSAC/UNW members and the City of Yellowknife has been unsuccessful.
Feb 07 2023
YELLOWKNIFE: The Full Executive of the Union of Northern Workers has voted to allocate $250,000 from the UNW’s Wage Disruption Fund to the Local that represents City of Yellowknife bargaining unit
Feb 05 2023
Yellowknife - As previously announced, PSAC/UNW served a notice to be in legal strike position for February 8, 2023.
Jan 04 2023
For nearly three years now, we have all been in a state of constant flux and change due to the global covid-19 pandemic.
Dec 07 2022
Costs are rising sharply these days, but one thing that isn't rising is the wages workers need to keep up with those increases.