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May 21 2024
On May 24, the Finance Minister will be presenting the GNWT’s budget for the 2024-25 fiscal year.
May 03 2024
The Union and NTPC sat down to resume negotiations in Yellowknife from April 30th through May 2nd. This was the third set of negotiations sessions since November 2023.  With all proposals and wages…
Apr 24 2024
Your union bargaining team met with the mediator April 18-20.  Your bargaining team was all together in person, and the mediator shuttled virtually between the Union team and the Employer. As I’m…
Apr 10 2024
Back in September, I wrote a Labour Views column about the role of unions in Reconciliation.
Apr 02 2024
Your bargaining team for the Main Local 345 unit met with the City March 26 - 28for our second round of bargaining. Both sides are listening to each other’s concerns and have found some common ground…
Mar 27 2024
Talks between the Government of the Northwest Territories and the Union of Northern Workers for a new Collective Agreement are continuing with the assistance of a mediator. After bargaining broke…
Mar 21 2024
From February 27 to the 29, your bargaining team was hard at work trying to reach a deal with the Employer. While the Union showed up ready to reach a fair deal, the Employer came to the table…
Feb 28 2024
The Union of Northern Workers is gravely concerned about the Fiscal Strategy that was recently announced at the Ledge.
Feb 21 2024
Your Bargaining Team recently completed a second session with the employer, from Feb 13-15, to negotiate a renewal of your Collective Agreement with Northwest Territories Power Corp. The current…
Feb 14 2024
YELLOWKNIFE: The Union of Northern Workers (UNW) is gravely concerned about the Fiscal Strategy that was announced at the Ledge this week.
Jan 24 2024
On behalf of our members, the Union of Northern Workers sends our deepest condolences to the community of Fort Smith, and the workers at Diavik and Northwestern Air.
Jan 19 2024
Your MED bargaining team met with the City on Jan 16-18 to exchange proposals. We discussed the unique issues facing MED Officers as well as common issues within the Local. After the initial…
Jan 17 2024
Another year, another bump in the road for NWT Healthcare.
Jan 15 2024
The phones at our Hay River office are now working. Our apologies for any inconvenience this disruption may have cause this morning.
Jan 12 2024
Your bargaining team met with the City on Jan 9 to 11 to exchange proposals. We highlighted the City’s recruitment and retention challenges and the importance of better work-life balance and…