The Union of Northern Workers is a leading advocate for social, political, economic and environmental justice.  

We work in partnership in the North with the Public Service Alliance of Canada North, our sister Yukon Employees Union and Nunavut Employees Union and the Northern Territories Federation of Labour.  We are a partner in the national actions of the PSAC and the Canadian Labour Congress.

Advocacy and political action

Some of the UNW's advocacy activities include:

  • Education of Members on workers’ rights, and support for political action through campaign schools, election activities and programs
  • Public advocacy through media relations, events and demonstrations, lobbying of federal, territorial and municipal political leaders
  • Partnership in advocacy with NWT social justice organizations

The Union of Northern Workers takes an active role in lobbying for progressive action on:

  • Workplace Issues, including health and safety, access to child care, Day of Mourning, domestic violence at work and pay equity
  • Human Rights and Equality issues, including women’s equality, Aboriginal rights, gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-gendered rights, visible minorities, disabilities and young workers 
  • Environmental issues, including chemical hazards and cancer prevention, climate change and energy and Social and Economic Issues
  • Social and economic justice through government budget analysis and lobbying on issues including health and Medicare, labour and migration, pensions & retirement, training and apprenticeship, unemployment insurance and the role of unions

How to become involved in your union

Come Out to Events

The UNW is a strong union, with lots of community involvement and participation. The only way we can maintain this is through a vibrant group of volunteers. We hope you will help out with one of our events and donate some time to make your union more effective. If you aren’t sure what you can offer, just stop by to meet people with common interests. Check out our events calendar.

Attend Meetings of Your Local

Meetings of your local are advertised on bulletin boards and through this website. Attending local meetings introduces you to the priorities and activities of your local and the UNW as a whole. You make friends and partners and help to protect and expand the rights of your fellow workers. Contact your Local for information on meetings and watch for announcements.

Become a Shop Steward 

If you want to become a work place advocate for your co-workers, you may want to become a shop steward. You will become an asset in your workplace, and you will gain confidence and skills that are transferable into all aspects of your life and work. Talk with your Local President and/or Chief Steward and let them know that you are interested.

Consider using these resources when promoting the role and importance of unions in the workplace, and in society.