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Labour Views

Labour Views: 2023 Territorial Election

Nov 08 2023
It’s election season in the NWT, and the UNW is in campaign mode. In addition to representing our members at the bargaining table and in the workplace, unions are also political activists.

Labour Views: The Role of Unions in Reconciliation

Sep 27 2023
September 30 is National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. How individuals choose to observe this day is shaped by that person’s experience of Canada.

Labour Views: To Fix Healthcare, Invest in the Workers

Jul 05 2023
As the union representing all public healthcare workers in the NWT, we have a front seat view of the current system – and it’s not looking good.

Labour Views: Emergency Relief

May 31 2023
For the second year in a row, K'atl'odeeche First Nation and Hay River have been devastated by the effects of a natural disaster.

Labour Views: United we are Strong

Apr 12 2023
When the UNW/PSAC members of Local 345 took the brave step of standing up to the City of Yellowknife to demand fair wages, they joined a growing movement of workers across Canada and the world who

Labour Views: Public Wages should be Public

Mar 01 2023
“My Taxes pay your salary!” It’s a common theme you hear in conversations about public sector workers.

Labour Views: Looking Ahead at 2023

Jan 04 2023
For nearly three years now, we have all been in a state of constant flux and change due to the global covid-19 pandemic.

Labour Views: The Value of a Good Worker

Dec 07 2022
Costs are rising sharply these days, but one thing that isn't rising is the wages workers need to keep up with those increases.

Labour Views: The GNWT gives, the GNWT takes away

Nov 09 2022
Food and fuel prices continue to climb and northerners are feeling the pressure as wages fail to climb with them.

Labour Views: Participating in Elections

Oct 12 2022
The City of Yellowknife municipal election takes place next week, though many residents have already started submitting their ballots via mail.

Labour Views: Listen to your workers

Sep 14 2022
A common frustration we hear from union members experiencing workplace issues, is a lack of meaningful engagement from senior management.

Labour Views: Work-Life Balance

Aug 17 2022
Though the Covid-19 pandemic is still ever-present, the removal of most travel restrictions this summer means many northerners are starting to take their postponed vacations, and gather with family

Labour Views: Collective Bargaining

Jul 20 2022
Summer is in full swing, and while many northerners are enjoying the warm weather and hopefully some vacation time, the UNW is hard at work and as busy as ever.

Labour Views: Celebrating our Diversity

Jun 22 2022
June is Indigenous History month in Canada, and also the kick off to Pride season.

Labour Views: Living in the North is becoming unaffordable

May 25 2022
On June 3, 2015, I wrote a labour views column about minimum wage in the Northwest Territories