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2023 Territorial General Election

UNW members make up approximately 15% of the NWT's adult population (age 18+), giving us a significant voice to represent the interests of workers during an election campaign.

Over the past four weeks, we've been pressing candidates on issues that are important to workers, as well as providing our membership with the information they need to make informed decisions and ensure their vote is counted.

UNW 2023 Territorial Election Report Card

Our 2023 Territorial Election Report Card, is now online! You can get your hard copy in NNSL's Yellowknifer on Friday, November 10 and News North on Monday, November 13.

The Report Card grades candidates based on their responses to a "YES/NO" questionnaire on issues facing workers in the NWT. Candidates are also encouraged to elaborate on their positions with written responses which we will publish - unedited - on the page linked below.

Candidate responses to the Report Card questions will continue to be updated on our website as they are received:

2023 Territorial Election Candidates

Head on over to Elections NWT to see the official list of Candidates and their contact information:

Speaking to candidates one-on-one when they come to your door is a great way to share your views and concerns, and to ask questions. If you're not sure what questions to ask from a labour standpoint, we have a handy "cheat sheet" for you:

How, where, and when to Vote

Check out the Elections NWT website, which is your official source for information about voter registration and upcoming voting opportunities.