Join the UNW

All employees in workplaces covered by UNW collective agreements pay union dues, but only those who have applied for union membership are full members. 

Card-carrying members have the right to:

  • Have input into contract negotiations
  • Vote on motions, bargaining, and strike votes
  • Attend Union meetings and training courses 
  • Receive UNW price discounts on goods and services
  • Become a union officer on the local, regional or UNW executive

To become a full member in the Union, or if you require a replacement card, you need to sign and submit a Membership Application.

Download a membership application form from the list below. You can also contact the UNW Membership Secretary for more information or assistance with your application. 

Equity Members

Through its equity programs, the Union of Northern Workers strives to protect and expand the rights of Equity group members who often face barriers in the workplace. Because of the priority of furthering these rights, an Equity Vice President is elected and sits as a full member of the UNW Executive. 

An Equity Group member is a UNW member who is:

  • a First Nations, Inuit or Metis person  OR
  • racially visible  OR
  • a person with any persistent or permanent physical or mental impairment OR
  • 2SLGBTQ+

The UNW's Equity Committee provides support to members from equity groups to discuss, identify and strategize around how to best address issues of concern to them. Equity members may also be interested in attending various conferences held during the year by the PSAC.  

Have you self-identified?

You must be listed in the UNW database as "self-identified" to be eligible to attend any equity related conferences or programs or be eligible to vote in any Equity Vice President elections.

Members who self-identify as belonging to the Equity Group are assured that such information will be held in strict confidence.

To self-identify as an Equity Group Member, please complete the bottom portion of the Membership Application and send by email, fax, or mail to the UNW HQ.  

Contact the Membership Secretary at 867-873-5668 ext. 223 or by email at if you need help completing your form.


RAND Deductees

If you do not sign and submit a membership application, you remain a Rand Deductee.

Rand deductees must pay union dues but do not enjoy the full benefits of membership. Rand deductees can get assistance from the UNW for work related grievances, but are not entitled hold union office, attend Local meetings, or take advantage of any of the benefits listed above.