Josie Gould Memorial Scholarship

Josie Gould Memorial Scholarship

Sister Josie Gould was one of the original members of the Union of Northern Workers.  Her untiring efforts had profound effects on union members who knew her over the years.  

Because of her staunch commitment to the UNW, and because of her devotion to helping youth, the Josie Gould Scholarship was created upon her retirement.  

After her death in 2008, the scholarship was renamed the "Josie Gould Memorial Scholarship."  

Today, in her name, financial assistance ($3,000 and $1,000) for post-secondary education is awarded every year to eight full time and six part time students who understand the importance of the labour movement.

Scholarships are open to UNW members (in good standing as of June 30th of the current year); current, retired and deceased members' relatives whose permanent place of residence is Canada. The definition of a relative is: a spouse of the same or opposite sex, parent, child, including a step-child or foster child, or grandchild.  No applicant will be awarded a scholarship in two (2) consecutive years.

Please see also UNW Regulation I.3.(f).

Since the first Josie Gould Scholarships were awarded in 2002, the UNW has awarded approximately $400,000 in scholarships.

For more information about Josie Gould, you can download the brochure.

2021 Scholarship

Completed applications (along with essay and photo) for this year's scholarship are due Wednesday, June 30, 2021. Mailed applications must be postmarked by June 30, 2020.

The topic of this year's essay question is:

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted working people and our economy. Discuss potential strategies of unions in simultaneously maintaining safe work environments and equity for workers.

It is preferred that applications be submitted by email: AND

If email is not possible, applications can be mailed to the address below, or faxed to 867‐920‐4448.

UNW Scholarship Program
Suite 400 - 4910 53 Street
Yellowknife, NT X1A 1V2

Any applications received late will not be considered; applicants can re‐apply the next year. Confirmation of applications received by UNW will be emailed to the applicant. Please retain confirmation.

All sections must be completed. If you do not know your UNW ID# or Local#, please contact UNW Headquarters or your Local steward/president.

For more information, contact

Past Winners/Recipients

Kirianne Ashley, Mary-Lynn Berton, Amanda Bradbury, Mary Cairns, Annalise Couturier, Amelia Harman, Sarah Munro, Jade Riordan

Devin Chase, Bethany Giovanetto, Curtis Herritt, Samantha Morandin, Tris Ngo, Ethan Phypers, Catriona Profit, Alexis Reuttnauer, Emily Sabourin, Kathy Spooner, Crystal Walsh, Kim Wilson

Laurinda Cheng, Benjamin McGregor, Kelsey Wick, Bradley Hazenberg, Matthew Hart, Lorna Brinston, Shania Clark, Marisa McArthur

Annalise Couturier, Maya Fernandez, Laura Giovanetto, Kathleen Glowach, Harold Ethan Hartley, Curtis Herritt, Amy Lam, Alex Lynch, Jade Riordan, Kateryna Stazuk

Amy Badgley, Emily Muth, Danna Webster, Catriona Profit, Megan Fraser, Connor Goudreau, Geraldine Hunter, Marissa Gartner, Danielle Patzer, Sasha Watson

Denise Bailey, Stephen Giovanetto, Trudy Nelner, Jessica Penney, Jade Riordan, Jasmine Maya St. John, Ariane Vincent, Kelsey Wick, Tammy Soanes-White, Jennifer McInnis-Wharton 

Kristine McLeod, Kristy Ollerhead, Rebecca Robertson, Rene O'Reilly, Craig Ferguson, Arran Ferguson, Emily Joy MacKinnon, Sally Card, Andrew Hewitt, Hannah Bond 

Jill Alain, Tess Alain, Allison Andrews, Paulina Brooks, Clement-Eric Demers, Gregory Huvenaars, Adam Lkusta, Morgan Moffitt, Emily Muth, Kelsey Wick 

Jenny Aitken, Brandon Beaton, Liam Coady, Katie-Lynn Kimble, Margaret Lovely, Emily Joy MacKinnon, Bryana Matthews, Kurt Payne, Veronica Speers, Kathleen White 

David Buchanan, Alexandra Budgell, Leanna Cazon, Sarah Daitch, Margaret Lovely, Elizabeth Purchase, Veronica Speers, Justine Volk, Megan Welsh, Colten Yee 

Christina Boggis, Jessi Casebeer, Jeff Corey, Aston Debogorski, Bradley Hussey, James Mackenzie, Louise McLeod, Andrea McMullen, Melanie Morse, Amanda White