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Media Release: Union's Latest Proposal

Feb 22, 2023

YELLOWKNIFE: It has been over one week since the Employer and the UNW/PSAC bargaining team sat down for another round of mediation to try to resolve the ongoing strike/lockout.

On February 13th, we brought forward a new proposal to the Employer which we believe we would be able to recommend to our members and ratify within 24 hours. Our goal is to bring this labor dispute to a close and get us back to work.  

The Employer responded with next to no movement. They withdrew some concessions, but kept casual part-timers working up to 40 hours a week with no benefits. The Employer did not entertain our new salary proposal and said once again that they could not meet us on wages. 

We feel our last proposal was fair and reasonable and we are hoping that City Council will provide the employer with a new mandate that will allow our bargaining teams to close the gap, and get us back to work.


  • 3.75% wage increase starting Jan 1st, 2022  
  • 3.75% wage increase starting Jan 1st, 2023   

Signing bonus: 

  • $1,000.00 to each permanent full-time employee, term employees and casual full-time employee. 
  • $500.00 to each permanent part-time employee & seasonal employee. 
  • $250.00 to each casual part-time employee. 

All outstanding Employer proposals are withdrawn  

Addition of 1 day of leave with pay for reasons of personal nature per year;  

AGREEMENT ON EMPLOYER COUNTER PROPOSAL Amended the definition of immediate family to include step-parent, child of common-law partner, step-child and foster child residing with the employee 

(Widening who you can take bereavement leave (death in family) for as well as illness in the family leave)  

WAITING FOR PARTIES TO SIGN OFF to Amend the agreement to specify that Casual Part-time Employees are entitled to breaks and rest periods when they work a 8 or 7 ½ hour day;  

WAITING FOR PARTIES TO SIGN OFF on Addition of National Day for Truth and Reconciliation as a Designated Paid Holiday;  

WAITING FOR PARTIES TO SIGN OFF on Acting Pay effective after 1 completed day of Acting in a position instead of after 3 consecutive days;  

WAITING FOR PARTIES TO SIGN OFF on Appendix A - 1 job title modifications and addition new positions from the Employer. As previously agreed outside of the negotiation 


UNW/PSAC Bargaining Team
Reilly Hinchey
Geraldine Penney
Karlee McKay


For media inquiries, please contact:

Adrienne Cartwright, UNW –