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Media Release: City refuses to negotiate on wages

Feb 14, 2023

YELLOWKNIFE: The UNW/PSAC bargaining team had hoped to reach a deal during mediation yesterday, however, despite providing two more proposals to the City within the last week, the Employer continues to tell our members’ bargaining team that they will not be moving from their offer of a 2.00% wage increase.  

The bargaining team has told us that they are closer than ever to a deal, but until the Employer is willing to discuss wages, coming back to the table is pointless.

“We tried our best to get a fair deal yesterday,” said Reilly Hinchey, Local 345 President, and member of the bargaining team. “Hearing that the City is unwilling to move on wages, we did not think it would be fair to sit in a warm room knowing that it was all pointless. Today we will be out walking the picket line with our co-workers in the freezing cold.” 

The actions of the Employer have so far indicated that they have no intention of reaching a fair deal and would rather close facilities and punish the public as leverage to force members into a bad deal.

Our members are ready and willing to bargain, and we encourage the Employer to reach out to whoever is calling the shots over at the City to provide a new mandate that will allow negotiations to continue.

Gayla Thunstrom, UNW President
Lorraine Rousseau, PSAC Regional Executive Vice-President, North


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