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2022 PSAC National Convention Coverage

Jun 06, 2022

This year PSAC’s 2022 National Triennial Convention was held virtually from May 26 to June 3.

Every three years, hundreds of members representing communities and components from all across Canada - including the UNW - attend to discuss and decide the path forward for the organization. During this Convention, delegates:

  • debate and vote on resolutions on PSAC initiatives, campaigns and changes to the union’s structure and rules;
  • review PSAC’s financial position and adopt a new budget for the term until the next Convention; and
  • elect PSAC’s national president, national executive vice-president, and alternate national executive vice-president to serve until the next Convention.

PSAC National’s 2021 convention was postponed due to the pandemic, so the business of this convention set the course for a shorter two year term instead of the usual three-year cycle.

For an in-depth summary of this year's PSAC National Triennial Convention, check out our 2022 PSAC National Triennial Convention page.