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19th UNW Triennial Convention is Underway!

Nov 29, 2023

The 19th UNW Triennial Convention convened on Tuesday, November 28 and will continue until Thursday, November 30.

The UNW Triennial Convention is the forum where union delegates adopt resolutions that direct how the Union will spend its money and decide what priorities it should pursue until the next Convention. All of the decisions made at Convention are done through voting by the delegates in attendance.

Delegates are elected from and by fellow members of their respective Locals. Each Local is also given an opportunity to submit resolutions to a convention. 

On Thursday, November 30, the UNW President and two Vice Presidents will be elected from and by Convention delegates, and the results of the Regional Vice Presidents and Equity Vice President elections, which were conducted in the months leading up to Convention, will also be announced. 

Daily updates are available on the UNW Conventions page of our website!