Labour views

Labour Views: Retention

Aug 06 2021
GUEST COMMENT: Gayla Thunstrom, UNW 1st Vice President

Labour Views: Just a little compassion

Jul 19 2021
GUEST COMMENT: Melvin Larocque, UNW Equity Vice President and Member of the Deninu Kųę́ First Nation

Labour Views: Childcare in the NWT

Jun 16 2021
GUEST COMMENT: Josée-Anne Spirito, UNW Regional Vice President for Somba K’e

Labour Views: Taking care of your mental health

May 19 2021
May is Mental Health month in Canada, and given all that has happened in recent weeks it couldn't be more relevant.

Labour Views: National Day of Mourning

Apr 16 2021
Next Wednesday, April 28, is Canada’s National Day of Mourning.

Labour Views: Workplace Equity Programs

Mar 24 2021
During the current sitting of the NWT’s Legislative Assembly, the GNWT’s affirmative action hiring policy came under scrutiny.

Labour Views: Pink Shirt Day

Feb 24 2021
Today is Pink Shirt Day, or national anti-bullying day, which is officially observed in Canada on the last Wednesday of February each year.

Labour Views: Should I file a grievance?

Jan 22 2021
The term "toxic work environment" has come up recently in both local and national news.