Your Executive

The Union of Northern Workers is lead by its Executive, which governs the UNW between conventions.  The Executive is elected at the UNW Triennial Convention, where delegates meet to decide issues of policy and set the direction for the UNW.


Packages are on their way via regular mail to all UNW members with addresses on file:
Beaufort Delta-Sahtu
Mail Out: April 3 - Nominations Deadline: May 1
Deh Cho
Mail Out: April 3 - Nominations Deadline: May 1
Fort Smith
Mail Out: April 8 - Nominations Deadline: May 6
Hay River
Mail Out: April 8 - Nominations Deadline: May 6
Somba K'e
Mail Out: April 14 - Nominations Deadline: May 12
North Great Slave
Mail Out: April 20 - Nominations Deadline: May 18
ACCLAIMED: Kurt Bergstrom, from Local 3050
If you do not receive your package within 10 days your Region's Mail Out Date (see list above), please contact to verify your mailing address.
The Duties of Officers, including the Regional Vice-Presidents, are listed in the Union of Northern Workers By-Laws.
To be eligible to run for the position of RVP, you must be a current UNW member in good standing in that Region, and must show that you have been active within the union at least one full (continuous) year as a Local Officer.
You are required to provide the details related to your involvement at the Local level at the same time you submit your nomination to the election committee.
Your nominator and seconder must also be current members in good standing of that Region. With respect to social distancing, emails or faxes from nominators acknowledging their endorsement will be accepted in lieu of signaturesPlease attach these emails to your submission so that everything arrives in one package.
DEADLINE: All nominations must be returned to the nominations committee no later than the deadline listed for each Region in the list above.
The mailing address is:
Elections Committee - RVP Nominations [insert name of Region]
c/o Union of Northern Workers
Suite 400, 4910 53rd Street
Yellowknife, NT X1A 1V2
Nominations may also be scanned and emailed to the convention email address at:
Fax nominations will also be accepted at: 867-920-4448.
If you are interested in this position and require additional information, please contact the Director of Finance and Administration, Kim Bailey, at the UNW.
Please Note:
As a proactive measure to protect the Health & Safety of our Communities, our Members and our Employees, the UNW employed special handling procedures in producing these packages. All personnel were provided latex gloves for handling the materials. In addition, production equipment and surfaces were disinfected regularly.


Your Current 2018 Executive (as of  October 2019)

President - Todd Parsons
First Vice President - Gayla Thunstrom
Second Vice President - Sean Dalton
RVP Somba K'e - Josée-Anne Spirito
Fort Smith - Lauraine Armstrong,
RVP Hay River - Chris Boutilier
Deh Cho - Christina Holman
RVP Beaufort Delta/Sahtu - Rosa Kayotuk
RVP North Great Slave - Bridget O'Keefe
RVP Kimberlite - VACANT
Equity Vice President - Melvin Larocque   

If a Regional Vice President or Equity Vice President has to step down during the three year cycle, an election is run by mail ballot to all signed members of that Region.

UNW Full Executive Standing Committees


Gayla Thunstrom - Chair;  Bridget O'Keefe, Josée-Anne Spirito


Lauraine Armstrong - Chair; Sean Dalton, Melvin Larocque


Sean Dalton, Christina Holman, Rosa Kayotuk



Todd Parsons President
Gayla Thunstrom First Vice President
Sean Dalton Second Vice President
Josée-Anne Spirito Regional Vice President Somba K'e
Lauraine Armstrong Regional Vice President Fort Smith
Chris Boutilier Regional Vice President Hay River
Rosa Kayotuk Regional Vice President Beaufort Delta-Sahtu
Christina Holman Regional Vice President Deh Cho
Kurt Bergstrom Regional Vice President Kimberlite
Bridget O'Keefe Regional Vice President North Great Slave
Melvin Larocque Equity Vice President