UNW Locals


The UNW is made up of 23 Locals.

Members are assigned to a Local according to the bargaining unit to which they belong or the Department and Community where they work.

Members have direct access to the Union's decision making process through the Locals.  Members can take part in union programs, receive education, draft and vote on recommendations taken to Conventions and can be elected to Local, regional and UNW executives.  Local members can be selected to attend the UNW’s triennial conventions.
Each Local has an elected volunteer executive. A group of Locals within a geographic, political or economic area makes up a Region.  There are seven regions in the UNW.  Each Region has an elected Regional Vice President chosen by the Region's members. Their term of office is three years. Election results are announced at the UNW Triennial Convention which is held every third year. Regional Vice Presidents are the political representatives in the Regions and form the UNW Executive.
Below are links to some documents that assist the Locals:

2015 Local Executives Manual 

UNW Locals and Employers

Local Meetings Checklist  - to keep track of the reporting requirements of your Local.  

Local Election Results Form

        *The Election Results Form and Meeting Minutes should be sent to hq@unw.ca and dfa@unw.ca 


Mentorship Program Brochure

Visit the UNW Training Page for further information on courses and mentorship.