PSAC - Understanding and Interpreting Your Collective Agreement Course

PSAC - Understanding and Interpreting Your Collective Agreement Course

Event date: 

Jun 16,
9:00 am to 5:00 pm

 Course Description- This course explores key provisions in members’ collective agreements and introduces an easy four-step framework for interpreting the contract. We will practice applying the four-step interpretation method and examine cases providing examples of “aids to interpretation”. Using a number of case studies from adjudication/arbitration decisions (e.g., sick leave; operational requirements; other leave with or without pay; acting pay; discharge), we will also practice applying the collective agreement to actual workplace situations. Working with actual cases enhances your ability to problem solve through analysis and discussion. The course will “demystify” the collective agreement and provide you with the necessary skills and tools for on-going, self-directed learning.

Where: YELLOWKNIFE, NT - Northstar Building Training Centre -- 4910 53rd Street

Registration DEADLINE is June 1, 2018 for more information click here

Note: Childcare expenses incurred to attend this event will be reimbursed per UNW Regualtion III.9.