Local 02

Local 02 - Fort Smith Region

Local 02 is one of two locals in the Fort Smith Region.  Local 12 is the other Fort Smith local.  Local 02 indludes all GNWT employees residing in Fort Smith or Lutselk'e except those working at Thebacha Campus of Aurora College.

Local 02 also includes employees of Thebatcha Forestry, Uncle Gabe's, Fort Smith Town and Housing Authority and employees of the South Slave Divisional Board of Education who are not teachers.

The Fort Smith Regional Vice President is Lauraine Armstrong.

Local 2 Executive

President: George Skippings
1st Vice President: Ethel Chalifoux
2nd Vice President: Bruce Gudeit
Secretary-Treasurer: James Wong
Shop Stewards: Jim Kipling, George Skippings, Ranja Smith, Sheldon Phinney
OHS Officers: Bruce Gudeit (Town of Ft. Smith), Jeanne Lepine (GNWT)
Membership Booster Officer: George Skippings
Education Officer: Ranja Smith


General Membership Meetings 

All UNW Local 2 General Membership meetings are held the first Thursday of each month during the year 2014 in the Senior’s Room at the Fort Smith Recreation and Community Centre from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm. All members welcome. 

UNW Local 2 will also be holding a draw for 2 airline tickets - Fort Smith to Edmonton return - at Local 2’s AGM in November 2014. All members attending monthly general membership meetings during and up to the AGM in November 2014 will have their name entered in the draw.

The more meetings you attend the more chances you have at winning the tickets. Members volunteering for Local 2 events held during the 2014 year such as the Labour Day BBQ, Canada Day event held by Local 2 and the Trade Show Booth will also have their name entered in the draw. 

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