Intro to Health & Safety Training- Hay River

Intro to Health & Safety Training- Hay River

Event date: 

Jun 15, 9:00 am to Jun 16, 4:30 pm

Participants will examine why Health & Safety is a Union issue. Members will learn about union perspectives on Health & Safety, the Internal Responsibility System and increase their knowledge on the rights and responsibilities of workers.

A safe and healthy workplace is a basic worker’s right. This course will empower members to ensure we have secure workplaces. Participants will start with their own knowledge of their work, and workplaces, and will critically examine the risks and responsibilities of workers and employers, including the notion of ‘worker carelessness’. Participants will develop action plans to mobilize members and to ensure the employer provides the necessary tools, training and funding to support a healthy and safe workplace.

See the poster here for more inormation