Your elected Bargaining Team is:

Alvin Pitre, Robb Ross, Sara Swanson (elected January 24, 2019)

Gail Lem (PSAC Negotiator)


Please see the Communique to Members for more information.


June 12, 2019 - Your bargaining team is very please to report that a tentative agreement was reached today during conciliation.

Please see the Communique to Members for more information.



The UNW/PSAC bargaining team will return to mediation March 11-13, 2019.

Please see important information here regarding Transporation to a Medical Centre.


The UNW/PSAC bargaining team will return to mediation March 11-12, 2019.

Mediation Update - March 13, 2019

Please see Communique to Members for more information.


February 2019

Communique to Members re Negotiations



Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Two opportunities to attend a meeting, hear the details, and cast your ballot:

     5:15 pm  and  7:30 pm

      Location: Community Hall at arena

POSTER available to print, post, and share!

Essential Services Agreement

The Union and the Employer reached an agreement on January 9, 2019 with regards to the Essential Services Agreement.

The Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) confirmed the ESA on January 17, 2019.

HRHSSA Essential Service Agreement

STRIKE VOTE!!   Thursday, January 17, 2019  **POSTPONED**

Members who work for the Hay River Health & Social Services Authority can come to a strike vote meeting to hear where bargaining stands and what the major outstanding issues are, and CAST YOUR BALLOT in a STRIKE VOTE.

Location:  Community Hall at the arena

Three meeting times available:  9:00 am, 12:00 noon, 7:00 pm

January 14, 2019 - Message from your Bargaining Team

January 15, 2019 - Communique #2 from your Bargaining Team


December 2018

Important information from your bargaining team following conciliation talks - Communique to Members 14 Dec 2018

Update Meeting for Members!

Mon. December 3, 2018 at 7:30 pm and 9:00 pm   At the Community Hall at the Arena

Local President and Bargaining Team Member Heather Coakwell and UNW President Todd Parsons will be there to give members and update, and answer questions.  For more information, contact your Local President.

POSTER to print and circulate


December 11-12, 2018 in Hay River.

August - September 2018

The Employer sent a request to the Canada Industrial Relations Board (CIRB) for assistance with the Essential Service Agreement.  The Union filed our response to this application, and the Employer has filed a further response.

July 30, 2018

Important notice from your Bargaining Team -  Member Communique July 2018

The Employer presented its comprehensive response to the Union's May 24th presentation. On July 31st, the bargaining team advised the Employer that we would be seeking the assistance of a conciliator.

2018.07.30 Employer proposals 

May 24, 2018

The Union presented a comprehensive package to the Employer via teleconference.  Although teleconference is unsual, it was done this way to keep things moving, as the parties could not reach mutually agreeable timely dates in person.

2018.05.24 UNW proposals

February 7-8, 2018

The Employer tabled their economic increases - mirroring the GNWT with 0%, 0%, 1%, 1% in a 4 year deal.

2018.02.07 UNW proposals

June 26-28, 2017

The parties met for a second set of dates, with your bargaining team working hard, hoping to reach a deal.  Maternity and Parental Leave were discussed in relation to the new Federal legislation.  Economic proposals from the Union were tabled.

UNW response to Employer proposals

June 30, 2017 communique to members

June 6-8, 2017

The Union and the Employer met face to face for the first time at the bargaining table.  Opening proposals were exchanged, with each side presenting their packages.  The Employer took the unique approach that they could not respond to the Union on any proposal until they had received ALL proposals.  Some housekeeping items were signed off.

Employer's Opening Package

June 6-8 UNW Proposals

March 15-17, 2017

Your bargaining team met in Hay River to review all of the Local's proposals, draft language, review the collective agreement, and prioritize proposals.