GNWT Ratification Vote Meeting

GNWT Ratification Vote Meeting

Event date: 

Aug 5, 12:00 pm

Event location: 

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GNWT BARGAINING: Ratification and Voting

GNWT members should have already received Ratification Meeting registration and voting information to their personal emails from Intelivote, PSAC's online voting system. Members who do not have a personal email address on file should have received their packages by mail.

You must attend a Ratification Meeting to be eligible to vote!

All meetings will be held virtually, and members can choose whichever meeting date best suits their schedule.

Check out the GNWT Bargaining Updates section of our website for more info on:

  • How to register for Ratification Meetings
  • How to receive a voting package
  • How to vote

If you have any questions about how to attend Ratification meetings or how to vote, please contact PSAC North at or 867-873-5670 or toll free at: 1-800-661-0870.