Dominion Diamond Mine shutdown

Effects on UNW members (Local 3050)

The UNW’s number one priority is the health and safety of workers and our communities. Stopping the spread of COVID-19, especially to our more isolated communities, requires everyone to do their part to minimize potential exposure to the virus.

The UNW understands that employers are facing an unprecedented situation and have difficult decisions to make with regard to maintaining safe workplaces. However, unusual circumstances do not give employers free reign to discard collective agreements and make unilateral decisions that affect the employment of unionized workers.

Collective agreements provide certainty and stability for workers. During uncertain and unpredictable situations, it’s more important than ever for employers to work collaboratively with unions to find mutually beneficial solutions to the issues workers are facing.

Visit the UNW's COVID-19 Updates page for the most recent developments on the activity surrounding the DDM shutdown: