2020 Occupational Health & Safety Conference

“Health & Safety Matter”

Date: Saturday February 1, 2020 & Sunday February 2, 2020

OPTIONAL PSAC Education sessions – Proactive Health and Safety in Your Workplace
Friday, January 31 – Yellowknife participants
Monday, February 3 – Out of town participants

Location: UNW training room, first floor 4910 53rd Street, Yellowknife


Forms: Click here to view and download the Call out, Agenda, and Registration Forms.


The UNW will be holding its annual Occupational Health & Safety Conference this coming February with the goal of equipping our Occupational Health & Safety representatives with strategies and tools to use their rights and effectively communicate with their Employers to achieve timely resolution to Health & Safety issues in the workplace.

Conference participants will:

  • discuss the current state of workplace Health & Safety Committees intheir work sites and identify areas of concern and persistentissues
  • learn how the brain reacts toimpairment
  • learn about impairment – causes and health and safetyimplications
  • identify issues to put forward as bargaining proposals orconvention resolutions
  • receive and review tools they can use with their Health and Safety Committees

Being a workplace Health & Safety representative is a challenging and rewarding way to make a meaningful contribution to the health & safety of your workplace and the lives of your co-workers.  It is a critical aspect of the strength of the union in the workplace. We want to provide you with the training you need to feel confident and the chance to network with fellow members to advance Health & Safety matters in the workplace.

We invite you to join us for 2 days of workshops, discussion, and collaboration on February 1 & 2, 2020 in Yellowknife.

There will also be an opportunity to attend a PSAC Proactive Health and Safety in Your Workplace education session. This training is open to all UNW members who are attending the 2020 UNW Occupational Health and Safety Conference.

We have allocated one seat per local. Depending on the number of applicants, we may be able to accept more than one delegate from locals.

This conference is open to members who are current Occupational Health & Safety Co-Chairs or who are willing to take on that role at the conclusion of the Conference. Local Presidents are not eligible to attend this Conference. Priority will be given to applicants who did not attend last year’s UNW OHS Conference. Members will also be required to have 2 Local Executive Officers sign their application.

For more information, contact:


In Solidarity,

Lauraine Armstrong
UNW Health & Safety Committee Chair